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µTorrent Addresses Security Hole
January 27, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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There’s nothing worse than downloading the hottest torrent, only to come face to face with a remote security exploit. µTorrent recently experienced two security vulnerabilities this month. The initial "crash bug" exploit was rather mild in nature, while the second exploit left the potential open for remote code execution.

Luigi Auriemma, who discovered the "crash bug" exploit on January16, found that µTorrent 1.7.5, and possibly other versions, sometimes crashed when the client tried to interpret the version number of other clients on the network. If a reporting client's version number was too long, it would cause µTorrent to crash. For example, µTorrent could read “BitTorrent 6.0” just fine, however, it would crash if the remote client reported “µTorrent 1.5.5323423423”. Potentially, someone could take advantage of this exploit to intentionally crash other clients. At worst this appeared to be little more than an inconvenience.

BitTorrent, Inc., the company behind µTorrent, was quick to update version 1.7.5 and 1.8 alpha on the 15th and 16th, which addressed the milder “remote crash bug.”

A week later however, additional research found that code execution was possible on version 1.7.5 and perhaps other versions as well. Secunia expanded on Luigi’s initial reporting, revealing the exploit’s ominous nature.

“The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error when displaying the client used by connected peers. This can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow by connecting to the TCP port on which µTorrent is listening and sending a specially crafted packet containing an overly long client string.”

“Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code.”

BitTorrent was quick with an update to these concerns as well. Within a day, µTorrent had been upgraded to 1.7.7, while a new build was released for 1.8 alpha. For now, the BitTorrent waters are once again safe.

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