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MediaDefender's Source Code Released
September 20, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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It hasn't been a good day, or week for that matter, for MediaDefender. Their internal emails have been leaked for the world to see, a phone conversation with a law enforcement official divulged, strategy data used against Gnutella published; and just when things couldn't possible get any worse, they just did.

According to a new torrent post over at The Pirate Bay, MediaDefender-Defender's (MDD's) have struck again. This time, they managed to release the source code MediaDefender uses in its anti-piracy efforts.

"MediaDefender-Defenders proudly presents the source code that MediaDefender use.

The source is complete for their operations regarding Kazaa, bittorrent, gnutella etc. This system is now released for the public in order to identify the decoys they set up. A special thanks to the MD employee that gave this to us."

The amount of intelligence gathered by the email leaks certainly gave the file-sharing community enough knowledge of the inner workings of this anti-P2P company. Although has not examined the source code, the amount of intelligence gathered from this 50 megabyte file is sure to outweigh the over 700 megabyte email file.

The last sentence of MDD's info file gives some insight into how they managed to obtain this file. Credit for the email leak was jokingly given to a specific employee, albeit an unintentional effort on his part. It's likely MDD's sense of humor is exposed here as well, as perhaps an additional MediaDefender security failure has allowed this devastating accident to occur.

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