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Welcome Transferred to The Pirate Bay
August 2, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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December 19, 2004, is a moment that many in the BitTorrent community remember as the day closed its doors forever. At its zenith, it was the pinnacle of BitTorrent indexing sites - a one stop site that became synonymous with the very essence of BitTorrent. Yet just when it appeared that nothing could hinder SuprNova's stratospheric rise to fame, its servers were raided and its days of supremacy were over.

The ghost of SuprNova would continue to surface in one form or another, yet none of these iterations would come close to this BitTorrent site's former glory. Of particular note was eXeem, which was touted as the successor to SuprNova. However once the file-sharing community discovered the program was bundled Cydoor, this attempt to recapture SuprNova ended in failure.

Instead of tinkering with half efforts to restore this once powerful site, SuperNova is back and under new management. However, former SuprNova owner and administrator Andrej Preston will not be the driving force behind this effort. Instead, Andrej will hand the reigns over to none other than The Pirate Bay. Although Andrej will no longer be the admin of SuprNova, his drive to restore the project never died. So what exactly encouraged Andrej?

"...I grew up a bit...I have paid attention to my social life," Andrej told "And I'm tired of the questions why I will not bring SuprNova up again. I thought myself that SuprNova is going to be dead forever, and I have even written myself, that SuprNova will never return as a torrent site. But things changed in real life and in my head."

Andrej pointed out to that he simply wasn't handing The Pirate Bay the keys and walking away from his baby. He wanted assurances that the reconstitution of SuprNova would be like visiting an old friend, and that the same community that people remembered would remain intact.

"My deal with [The Pirate Bay] was that the role of SuprNova can't change much. It needs to be community orientated, but I hope they make some updates the SuprNova was sooo missing. But what they will do, it's not my thing to decide anymore. But I know they will do [well] and will try to keep the community spirit running."

With SuprNova and his legal troubles behind him, Andrej is looking forward to a quieter life.

"I'm going to go study abroad, actually in film industry and I do not want to be associated with it anymore. I still support the whole concept of piracy and I believe it's the next step in 'media revolution', but I do not have the time for it anymore, or do I not want to be associated to it until I'm in USA."

The domain has already transfered to The Pirate Bay's co-founder, Frederick Neij. However at this time, the site is not yet operational. With now in the hands of The Pirate Bay, there are many questions that remain unanswered, such as the technological development of the site, its independence from The Pirate Bay, and the restoration of its community. Slyck will supplement this article when more information becomes available.

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