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EMI Hooks up with Puretracks
August 2, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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It's not that Canadians haven't been able to download EMI's DRM-free music, or have somehow missed out on the digital music revolution. Canadians could alway purchase EMI's DRM-free music from iTunes, however if they wanted to support "Oh Canada!", they were left with few choices other than WinMX and the recently relocated

For those willing to spend $1.29 (Canadian dollars), that is about to change. EMI has announced today a new partnership with Puretracks, a Canadian authorized music store. Like its partnership with iTunes, all of EMI's catalog will be available DRM-free, expanding its reputation as a progressive music firm.

"EMI Music Canada wants to give fans the best possible digital music
buying experience, and our premium download offering is a fundamental
part of our strategy," says Deane Cameron, President EMI Music Canada.
"We are proud that Puretracks is the first Canadian retailer to offer
EMI's DRM-free downloads in the MP3 format. We are confident that
artists on EMI's roster, as well as those on our distributed labels will
see a good lift in digital sales as a result."

Puretracks also has an extensive collection of DRM-free music from independent artists. However, as downloading music from free P2P networks has yet to be considered illegal in Canada, it remains to be seen the impact this new venture will make.

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