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Leaseweb Reveals Owner of
July 11, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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In a bitter battle of wills between Leaseweb and the Dutch copyright authority BREIN, it appears that BREIN has won. BREIN announced today that Leaseweb has agreed to divulge the identity of the registered owner of, as well as sign the cease and desist demand which would take the site offline. is a highly popular BitTorrent tracker, which operates by invitation only. It's one of the more "exclusive" BitTorrent sites, which only allows outside membership on rare occasions - as opposed to the free-for-all philosophy of The Pirate Bay. According to, is the 403rd most popularly ranked Internet site.

According to BREIN, it appears the Leaseweb waited to the bitter end before divulging's owner. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Leaseweb also divulged the banking information of's owner.

"Hosting provider Leaseweb today complied with the demands of Dutch anti-piracy organisation BREIN regarding the illegal website," BREIN's press statement reads. "BREIN had summoned Leaseweb in a legal procedure demanding that would be made inaccessible and the identity details of the owner would be provided to BREIN. The hearing was to take place in the District Court of Amsterdam tomorrow."

"Leaseweb signed a cease-and-desist undertaking which stipulates that it will keep Demonoid offline under penalty of 50.000 Euro per day. In addition Leaseweb supplied the name, address and bank details of their client to BREIN. These actions comply with the demands of BREIN which therefor does not continue with the hearing."

Interestingly enough, Leaseweb fought to protect the identity of their other client,, but not Demoinoid. In a similar action, BREIN also demanded the owner's identity of, and to block access. While Leaseweb appealed the cease and desist demand for, a similar courtesy was not granted to for reasons unknown.

It's likely that has been preparing for this event, as last week the domain transferred from their Dutch webhost to Canada - thereby negating the threat of going offline. At time of publication, Leaseweb did not responded to our request for comment.

The administration of, now outside the jurisdiction of BREIN, appeared unaware of the concession from Leaseweb, stating to, "...we know the same as you about the matter, so there is not much we can add."

Although Leaseweb signed the cease and desist demand which would serve to take Demonoid offline, this portion of BREIN's victory serves little effect as's webhost is now in Canada. However, the revelation of's personal identity and bank information may prove more damaging.

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