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iPhone Buzz
July 1, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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With the iPhone's amazing launch last week, the Internet has been abuzz with discussion. It was amazing not just because of its revolutionary technology, but because it actually launched on time - despite some nasty rumors hinting otherwise. In any case, the iPhone is here, and with it has come a flood of hype, conversation and extensive media coverage.

The iPhone has appeared on just about every technology - and even non-technology - news magazine leading up to and after its launch. Engadget for example, has a least a half dozen stories on the iPhone in the last two days alone. And why not. For those who are willing to drop the either $499 (4 gigs) or $599 (8 gigs), you get a phone, GPS unit, MP3 player, mobile internet, and media player. Spend a bit more in excessories (up to an additional 500 bucks) and you're looking at a $1,000 phone.

That doesn't seem to be much of a deterrent, as the iPhone has already begun selling out of store. Could the iPhone be the next technology craze like the Nintendo Wii?

The search engine (Oh my God, I love it!) recently added a new comparison graphing feature, which makes determining this sort of thing a lot easier. searches online discussion forums, which can use this information to gauge the popularity of a subject. Just how popular has the iPhone become within the online community?

According to, nearly 1% of all discussions indexed is abuzz with talk about the iPhone. Think that 1% isn't impressive? Compare the iPhone with hot topics such as the iPod, the Wii and BitTorrent.

The iPhone just nixes the iPod with 198 discussions compared to 194 discussions. The Wii is still strong, but fading a bit with only 104 discussions. BitTorrent has the least buzz, with only 11 discussions.

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