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BitTorrent Releases Software Developer Tool
June 18, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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BitTorrent, Inc. has slowly melded its way into the hardware world, as the protocol has been used by an increasing number of network hardware manufacturers. The BitTorrent protocol has quickly become the premier file-sharing network, bolstered by its open source nature, large resource volume, fast download speeds and unusual longevity.

Because of its unparalleled achievements, BitTorrent has permeated into the mainstream – a rarity in the P2P world. Receiving a partial vote of confidence by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), network hardware manufacturers have taken great interest in incorporating the technology into their products. Asus and Planex announced last year the arrival of their BitTorrent compatible routers, while Qnap introduced their BitTorrent compatible NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

These network devices allow the end user to remotely initiate a BitTorrent download without the need for a PC. Although routers would need an attached device for storage purposes, the NAS products already has this capability built in. While it’s true enough that BitTorrent users have been remotely initiating downloads since the protocol’s release without such products, it’s an endorsing step forward that major manufacturers are marketing the concept.

Expanding on this endorsement, two important developments were announced today. The first is from BitTorrent, Inc., who announced the release of their Software Developer Kit (SDK) and Device Certification Program. As more network device manufacturers decide to join the BitTorrent fray, the SDK and certification process ensures a quality BitTorrent experience for the end user. According to BitTorrent, Inc., the SDK helps manufactures meet the guidelines necessary to create a quality Network/BitTorrent compatible device.

In other words, let’s say you’ve developed this really cool router that will incorporate BitTorrent technology. You think it’s the coolest product out there and decide to sell it. However, a different manufacturer also developed a really cool router that does the same. The difference is their product has the BitTorrent seal of approval, and yours doesn’t. Now everyone thinks their product is cooler than yours, leaving everyone to think your product sucks because it doesn’t meet BitTorrent’s strict testing guidelines. Don’t want that to happen?

Neither does Buffalo Technologies, who announced today their new line of NAS devices with integrated BitTorrent functionality. Like other similar BitTorrent/NAS devices, the end user can initiate downloads without a home PC. And more importantly, comes with the BitTorrent seal of approval.

“We see BitTorrent as broadband’s next ‘killer app’ and integrating this functionality more deeply into our product line ensures our customers will be investing in value-added products offering the best digital entertainment experience,” said Morikazu Sano, Assistant General Manager, Global Marketing at Buffalo Inc. “To gain BitTorrent Certified status for our NAS devices informs our customers that we are committed to providing them with a high-performance and simple user experience for accessing and enjoying rich content on the Internet.”

So the next time you’re away on vacation, and absolutely must have season 5 of Friends from the BitTorrent Entertainment Network waiting on the return home, look for the BitTorrent seal of approval on the next NAS device under purchasing consideration.

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