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EurovisionTorrents Launched
May 7, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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When visiting, the concept of Eurovision may appear foreign - no pun intended - as a Swedish-based BitTorrent tracker. To portray the impression of knowledge, a quick hop over to Wikipedia reveals just how of extensive a venture the new site is.

Eurovision, in a nutshell, is no joke. Imagine American Idol, and then beef it up with enough horse steroids to make Arnold look small. It's an annual event where the members of the European Broadcasting Union meet to battle each other in musical competition. The music genres run the gamut, and according to Wikipedia, the word "Eurovision" is one of the few household names across Europe. ABBA fans may remember the band launching to stardom, thanks to Eurovision.

So how exactly does The Pirate Bay fit into this equation? Upping the ante from their more recent venture,, The Pirate Bay crew and some "really great guys n’ gals" have mixed together to create ( And much like OscarTorrent, is specifically designed to index the participating musicians on Eurovision.

Each torrent is organized by participating country, and tracked by The Pirate Bay. There also appears to be a social statement involved with the site, as visitors to the site can vote for their favorite musician.

"Everyone [is] free to vote for their favourite. It’s free, so you don’t get ripped off by your national tv channel. We like to call this the truly democratic Eurovision Song Contest, where the winners really do deserve their votes."

While Eurovision torrents have floated around the Internet for some time with little repercussion, it will be interesting to see what action is taken considering their organization and consolidation under one realm. The Pirate Bay’s defiance is certainly in full gear, leaving one to imagine what they could possible conjure up next.

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