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Nine Inch Nails Releases Tracks on The Pirate Bay
April 27, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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Releasing Nine Inch Nail material online is an avenue the industrial rock band has been familiar with some time. Many tracks are readily available one the website, downloadable via the traditional client/server method. However in a brief announcement made yesterday, a surprising element appeared. Not that new material was available for download, but that it was available via the BitTorrent protocol. Even more surprisingly, the torrents were uploaded to The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay has been a quandary for the entertainment industry, as it has defiantly remained one of the largest - if not most popular - BitTorrent trackers/indexers. Despite a brief shut down in May of 2006, The Pirate Bay continues to remain a symbol of the P2P and BitTorrent community.

Although it has earned the scorn of the US entertainment industry, it appears that not all entertainers feel hostile towards the Swedish BitTorrent site - particularly Trent Reznor. Three audio tracks are currently being indexed by The Pirate Bay, "Capital G", "My Violent Heart", and "Me, I'm Not." This is an interesting move by NIN, and one that lends a hand of legitimacy to The Pirate Bay - as it shows that entertainers realize the importance of reaching out to their target audience.

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