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New Round of Pre-Lawsuit Letters
April 11, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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In an announcement made today, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) fired off a new round of pre-lawsuit letters to over 21 colleges and universities. This marks the third episode of pre-lawsuit letters, a renewed policy against the alleged rampant P2P piracy that occurs on campus networks.

Started in February of this year, the RIAA has once again become visually aggressive in its fight to deter unauthorized file-sharing. Although the RIAA's current approach is similar to the tried and true "John Doe" lawsuit approach, this "pre-lawsuit" modification is slightly different. Like times in the past, the RIAA sends the notification to the college campus, complete with the IP address and date stamp. The college network administration then has to conduct the legwork and match the IP/date stamp to an individual. The difference, however, is that the RIAA offers to allow the alleged infringer to settle at a discount - which apparently is lower than the standard "John Doe" settlement offer.

Although the RIAA has made continuous splashes in the headlines, the effectiveness of their enforcement efforts appears to be in question. For instance, the Elektra vs. Santangelo case appears to be swinging in favor of the defense, while several colleges and universities have refused to entertain the RIAA's demands.

In today's announcement, 431 pre-lawsuit letters were dispatched. The schools that should start checking their mail boxes are the following:

"Bates College (7 pre-litigation settlement letters), Brown University (12), Central Michigan University (24), Colby College (5), College of William & Mary (12), Cornell University (19), Fairfield University (15), Florida International University (16), Indiana University (28), Keene State University (19), Kent State University (19), Morehead State University (10), Ohio University (50), Oklahoma State University (16), University of Massachusetts – Amherst (32), University of Maryland System (25), University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (23), University of New Hampshire (17), University of New Mexico (16), University of Pennsylvania (17), University of Rochester (22), and Williams College (9)."

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