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No P2P? Try Clickster
March 26, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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There's probably a reason not to use a P2P application for every reason in its favor. Perhaps the end users are behind a corporate firewall, maybe the University has blocked all P2P ports, or possibly the end user might be too concerned about the risks. Whatever the case may be, MP3s are in high demand, while the avenue to obtain them may not.

Several MP3 search engines have sprouted up over the years, which crawl the web in search of music files. had a decent audio search engine, however this feature's liability eventually led to its decline. Liability concerns often shut out unsigned bands (even signed bands) who want to expose their music to the Internet populace for free.

If more traditional search methods are yielding scarce results, and P2P applications simply aren't an option, a relatively unknown piece of software named Clickster may help. Clickster is a standalone MP3 search application that crawls the Internet, rather than P2P networks, for MP3s.

Where does Clickster obtain its music? The Internet is awash with untold millions of MP3s, typically indexed on MySpace, personal websites, and artist's homepages. After conducting a search on Clickster and the results start popping up, the location of the file can be viewed. There's an eclectic variety of sources that contain MP3 files, which runs the gamut from band websites to GeoCities.

Because of Clickster’s wide ability to scour the Internet, finding a variety of unknown or unsigned artists shouldn’t be much of a problem. Clickster is a relatively decent sized application, and has a memory footprint of about 50 megabytes. Not tiny, but nothing a modern computer can’t handle. For what it is, Clickster does a decent job of locating and downloading files. It’s by no means a replacement for even a middling P2P application; however, for those who can only access port 80, it just might provide an answer.

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