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ThePirateBay Awards King of Sweden
March 12, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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ThePirateBay announced they have awarded the King of Sweden with a diploma, which jointly recognizes both themselves and King Carl XVI Gustaf for promoting culture and technology. Has ThePirateBay gone cultural?

ThePirateBay is never far from making headlines, as their flippantly defiant public relations tactics have enabled them to gain a notoriety and underground following rarely paralleled in the file-sharing world. Even when their data center was raided in late May of 2006, remarkably the situation only helped to bolster their image among the P2P faithful.

Almost a year later, ThePirateBay is still online despite the best efforts of the entertainment industry. Quite boldly, the Swedish BitTorrent tracker has shunned any threat of legal action, as they insist their work does not violate any domestic law. As Swedish prosecution has proven impotent in this matter, the de facto reality suggests that ThePirateBay may be right - at least for now.

In addition to tracking media to the masses, today's effort self-announces ThePirateBay as a cultural exchange as well. The "diploma" awarded to the Swedish King cites the numerous cultural works tracked by ThePirateBay.

"In these progressive days we've spread more files than ever. We've made history. We now have the honour to report that The Pirate Bay now archives 200 000, by the citizens donated, documents of culture and we're tracking more then 500 000 cultural treasures globally. This is a new world record."

Although ThePirateBay is serious about their work, its no secret they enjoy having a bit of fun at the expense of the entertainment industry and the government. There might be a passive hint of legitimacy to their latest effort here, but something about their announcement suggests otherwise.

"We hope the King will appreciate our efforts and we have asked for an audience with the King or preferably the princess Madeleine."

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