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Mininova Adds Server Power
February 13, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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Running a BitTorrent tracker/indexer is just the tip of the iceberg when operating a successful website. There's much more involved than just tracking or indexing torrent files. This becomes especially relevant when a high-traffic and leading BitTorrent site such as is expected to provide much more than just the latest torrent files.

Having a database full of torrent files does the BitTorrent community little good if those files are inaccessible. High traffic site can become overwhelmed with traffic, causing headaches for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of visitors. however, is looking to avoid such a disaster and has announced the addition of new web servers and scrapers.

"Just a heads up, we added some extra servers to the website, so everything should run a bit smoother from now on," a blog post by Niek reads. "We’re currently also testing a new scraping (updates of seed/leecher numbers) system, this will significantly improve the accuracy of those numbers." has always been known as a well run operation, and today's improvements should only add to its reputation as one of the top BitTorrent websites.

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