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iTunes Expands Movie Catalog
February 12, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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The digital distribution market continues to expand, and as usual continues to do so under the iTunes banner. Authorized movie distribution has been slow to develop online compared to its music brethren, as file size and portability have been inhibitors to wide-scale adoption.

Apple hopes to change that perception. With the 5th generation iPod, colloquially known as the video iPod, some portability issues are resolved. The user can download a movie and, with a video out cable, connect the device to any compatible TV or computer monitor. And for intrinsic portability concerns, there are few other video devices that can accommodate video files as well as the video iPod.

Capitalizing on these facets, Apple has announced today an authorized distribution deal with Lionsgate Films. The deal will bring an additional 400 or so films to the iTunes catalog, including popular films such as "Total Recall". Not surprisingly, Apple was enthusiastic to reveal this exclusive deal.

“The iTunes Store is by far the most popular online movie store in the world,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “We’re thrilled to be adding this phenomenal collection of Lionsgate titles from Hollywood’s leading independent studio, including such blockbusters as ‘Terminator 2’.”

There are few other authorized media distributors that match the colossal market share that iTunes currently possesses. Apple is immensely aided by the popularity of their multifaceted video iPod, which not only fuels the popularity of iTunes music store but could very well enhance the movie store as well. Issues remain however, as the price of these movies typically run about $9.99 each. How this will be weighed against alternative methods of acquisition represents an issue yet to be resolved.

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