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The Pirate Bay Introduces Ajax
January 29, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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The Pirate Bay, one of the BitTorrent community's best known indexers/trackers, has managed to remain highly relevant despite a major setback last year. That set back of course was the seizure of their server farm in Stockholm and Gothenburg last year. Despite this temporary setback, The Pirate Bay presses onward, complete with an upgrade to Ajax for better end user interaction.

According to The Pirate Bay's latest blog entry, some of the site's features have already been upgraded to Ajax, however visually we were hard pressed to find anything that stood out. In terms of functionality however, navigation of the site does appear faster.

"As some of you might have noticed, we're converting some of the sites features into Ajax!," the latest blog entry reads. "This will make the site faster and more comfortable to use and we're gonna implement some cool new stuff!"

The upgrade also appears to have affected outside indexing of torrent files. Being the jolly rogers they are, The Pirate Bay appears eager to resolve any issues that may crop up.

"A lot of other torrent sites spider our site to find new stuff. Contact us instead and we'll figure out a better way to give you the content. We're gonna do a lot of fixing on the bay so many scripts that are dependent on our design will break - and Yes, it's OK to ask us, we're just glad you like our content."

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