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isoHunt Back Online
January 22, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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There's a commonality that accompanies many aspects of the file-sharing community. A BitTorrent tracker/indexer shuts down, another takes its place. Sometimes, as was the case with The Pirate Bay, the tracker's administration simply reverts to a back-up server farm. isoHunt, the project of Gary Fung, has also resurrected his BitTorrent project after a short period offline.

Slyck reported last Tuesday that isoHunt, a popular BitTorrent indexing site, has been forced offline. Fung had suspected that lawyers representing his ISP were responsible. According to Fung, this suspicion was confirmed after his ISP told him they were legally threatened. It would seem likely that Gary's legal problems with the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which resulted in a lawsuit in February of 2006, are at least attributable to his situation.

The resulting action forced isoHunt off line for approximately a week. During that time, the site administration worked around clock to restore the site. As of this writing, the site is back online, although the domains of sister sites TorrentBox and Podtropolis are currently pointing to

While much of isoHunt's hard work is attributable to the restoration of the site, Gary attest the job could not have been done without the help of the community.

"We accepted about $6700 (NET after Paypal fees) in donations since we went down on Jan. 16," said Gary's welcome message "That's over $1300 averaged, with about $2000 for the last day alone. Indeed, people like you is the power of the internet, and for sure we'll need your help more in the future."

There's additional kinks still being ironed out. According to isoHunt, about half of the new servers are yet to be operational, and the torrent stats are still in the process of updating. These should only prove to be short term problems, and within the coming days most remaining issues will be resolved.

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