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The Pirate Bay Touts HD DVD Additions
January 17, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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About three weeks ago, news began to circulate that HD DVD's DRM (Doesn't Really Matter) was circumvented by an individual named "muslix64." Although the exact details of his discovery were purposely and perhaps intelligently kept murky, enough information was released that gave additional curiosity seekers the ammunition necessary to apply this knowledge to other releases.

The results so far likely have Hollywood scrambling. Both Blu-Ray and HD DVD are protected by encryption and hardware solutions - just like the traditional DVD. Much like the DVD's CSS (Content Scrambling Software), the weak encryption that was broken thanks in part to Jon Lech Johansen, the next generation optical discs are protected with a scheme called AACS, or Advanced Access Content System.

At this point only the HD DVD's protection - not Blue Ray - has been defeated. Interestingly enough, now that HD-DVD content is beginning to circulate, the demand for HD DVD hardware may offset any victorious claim that Blue Ray has in the format war. Could piracy help the HD DVD format much like it fueled the broadband revolution?

If it does, those with enough hard drive space and bandwidth will begin using one of the most popular avenues for online distribution - The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay has become one of the best known BitTorrent trackers, gaining notoriety for its defiance of intellectual property rights. Additionally, The Pirate Bay enhanced its celebrity status after being forced off line by the movie industry, only to reappear three days later.

Perhaps even more defiant these days, The Pirate Bay has announced the arrival of HD DVD torrents.

"Yesterday the user Lyzz became historical by posting the first HD-DVD movie on our fine tracker," a most recent blog post states. "It was the action sci fi movie The Chronicles of Riddick, and today Batman Begins came along. They are about 20 GB each, so we recommend some fast broadband (moving to Sweden should take care of that) and a superfast computer to take care of the 1080p video."

The Pirate Bay is currently in negotiations to relocate the base of operations. Their primary location of interest is Sealand, the supposedly autonomous World War II base off the coast of England. In order to purchase the expensive man-made island, The Pirate Bay needs to raise approximately $2 million. Thus far, the BitTorrent tracker has raised $17,000 in only one week. With HD DVD content blatantly advertised, they may need that island much sooner rather than later.

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