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The Pirate Party Ramps up for 2008
December 20, 2006
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The Pirate Party of the United States, based upon Sweden's Piratpatiet, is seeking grass roots leadership as well as potential candidates for the 2008 elections. The PPUS's formation on June 6th, 2006, precipitated by the Piratebay raid in Sweden, is actively seeking individuals to represent the party in their area whether that be civically, by state or even nationally according to a recent announcement on The Pirate Party's US website.

“People who are wanting to run under the United States Pirate Party 'flag' in 2008 either nationally, state, or locally you MUST get approval by the board. Getting approval allows you to receive funding from the PPUS, help campaigning, and help getting on the ballot."

The PPUS board consists of David Sigal and Joshua Cowles; the former a student of computational sciences at the U of C and the latter a student of international politics in Oshkosk.

This new United States chapter of The Pirate Party, founded by Brent Allison and Alex English, upholds the simple philosophy “- the government should encourage, rather than smother, creativity and freedom” and hopes to reform laws surrounding telecom and intellectual property that have been subverted by the government and give personal privacy back to the people.

According to the PPUS's website registration to become an official member of the party will be between two and four weeks. Additionally in order to become a card carrying member of the PPUS one must first agree to uphold the, tentatively worded, Points of Unity which state:

“We gather to change laws, not break them
We strive to use Copyright law to promote Progress
We strive for more privacy and less invasion of it by government and private business
We aim for a Patent system that rewards Innovation
We work against people losing control of the devices and software they own
Not every action conducted by each local chapter necessarily reflects the positions of the national Pirate Party.”

Though the PPUS is less than a year old it would seem it hasn't taken them long to organize and take action. It will be interesting to see if the US chapter of the Pirate Party can have the success of the
Piratpatiet has had, which now has as many members as the Green Party in Sweden.

The PPUS has scheduled a "big" IRC meeting on January 2nd, 2007 at 8 pm EST.

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