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ThePirateBay Expands Lineup
November 16, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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Enforcement against ThePirateBay earlier this year appears to have done little to deter progress on this Swedish BitTorrent tracker. ThePirateBay has been quick to reestablish itself as one of the primary resources for torrents, after being forced off line for several days earlier this year.

Unlike most other BitTorrent related websites which at least attempt to convey complicity with intellectual property rights, ThePirateBay makes no such effort. In fact, ThePirateBay conveys the exact opposite and dedicates a significant portion of their site to mocking the enforcement intellectual property rights.

While this behavior has won over the P2P crowd, it has infuriated the entertainment industry. Repeated attempts to shut down ThePirateBay have been unsuccessful, however a brief victory in late May was cause for celebration among copyright holders. However this celebration would prove to be short lived, as within three days ThePiratebay was back online.

Almost seven months later, ThePirateBay shows no signs of complicity. In fact, a recent blog post shows the opposite is occurring - as the site administration claims it has grown over 30% in the last three months.

Additionally, in response to the growing demand for TV programming, ThePirateBay has included a new section dedicated to such torrents. In a recent blog posting, ThePirateBay announced its new TV feature:

"We know you like TV so we added a nice TV-section on the site! You can reach it by clicking here. The first tv-page shows the 50 most popular shows on the site at any moment. If you want to browse through the rest of them, just click 'Show all series.'"

Predictably, public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The entertainment industry's response to any of ThePirateBay's upgrades has been quiet - for now.

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