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myBittorrent Knocked Offline
November 5, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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The popular BitTorrent indexing site has been forced offline due to server failure. myBittorrent's administrator posted there was an error with the server earlier today, which required a reboot to repair. Unfortunately, without explanation the servers did not reboot and has rendered myBittorrent torrentless.

"I'm sorry to announce that is offline," a post on myBitorrent reads. "The server had to be restarted, because it was giving write-errors. Believe it or not, after we pressed the restart button, the server would NOT come back online! So now we are forced to wait till we can call our host tomorrow morning (8 AM GMT)."

Currently, the administrator of myBittorrent is working to restore a backup of the site on alternate servers. With the backup nearly identical to the now offline version, users should not see any appreciable degradation in the site's performance or torrent availability.

"[On] the bright side," Rex told, "new torrents do get imported every second, so its not like the backup means you get to see old torrents."

Rex hopes to have the backup available within the hour. When the original site goes back online - and what caused its failure - won't be known until at least tomorrow morning.

Update: myBittorrent is back online, however some portions of the site may not work properly.

"WARNING: We had a MAJOR server failure today and because of that, we had to switch to a backup server. We will be on this backup sever till Monday 11 AM GMT! Some sections of the site will NOT work, but torrents should be working fine! - Sorry for the inconvinience!"

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