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myBittorrent Expands Lineup
November 1, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller has established itself as one of the more resourceful indexers in the BitTorrent community. But like most BitTorrent indexers and trackers, myBittorrent is a general purpose site; music, movies, games and application. However this is about to change.

myBittorrent is expanding its line up by integrating the torrent data of several smaller, but more specialized, torrent sites. In exchange, myBittorrent will be availing its massive database to any site that wishes access. Rex, the administrator of myBittorrent, tells their database isn't merging with anyone, rather their site is 'expanding its wings' and allowing others access to their dynamic data via export files.

"We give them access to our export files, which come as .txt files, but also as .xml files."

So far, myBittorrent has worked out deals with,,, Sites such as and provide myBittorrent with their export file, however in this case the deal is exclusive.

Only myBittorrent has access to their export file, as Opensubtitles is likely too obscure to loose traffic to data proliferation. However, since myBittorrent's export file is not exclusive (just about any BitTorrent site can use it) many smaller BitTorrent sites stand to benefit. For example, will add a substantial number of torrents to its current search capabilities.

The goal of this arrangement is twofold. myBittorrent is interested in making their tracker/indexing site a diverse arena where many otherwise obscure torrents can be shared. Additionally, it has little problem sharing its large database and ultimately hopes to expand an already impressive BitTorrent universe.

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