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ThePirateBay Grows
November 1, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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If there's a way to shut down ThePirateBay, no one has quite figured out how. The Swedish based tracker continues to evolve, and has encompassed a cultural following that has grown beyond file-sharing.

ThePirateBay started directly under the tutelage of the copyright reform organization PiratbyrÄn in 2004. However to distinguish the two, the organizations later became separate - however relations remain tight. ThePirateBay quickly became one of the largest trackers and quickly supplanted the loss of SuprNova.

Success would be placed on hold briefly in 2006, when in late May Swedish police raided the data centers where ThePirateBay's servers resided. The shut down was short lived however, as within 3 days the site was back online. Although technical problems continued to plague the site, many felt the resurgence was a symbolic victory over the copyright establishment.

It appears that ThePirateBay is continuing to iron out many of its remaining technical glitches. As of this writing, ThePirateBay is host to over 400,000 torrents and serves more than 5 million peers. Additionally, ThePirateBay crew reports their tracker has grown substantially over the last several months.

"...some updates. You might have noticed the increase in peers and number of new torrents everyday. This is very nice to see! We've grown like 30% the past two months."

Pressure from the US Government, the MPAA, Swedish Police, and the Swedish Government were unable to dislodge ThePirateBay's presence online. Seemingly able to withstand any assault, ThePirateBay represents the line in the sand for the BitTorrent faithful. Where things go from here, and whether the entertainment industry doubles their efforts, is anyone's guess.

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