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Free Music Departs, Pay Music Arrives on Myspace
October 31, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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The “social networking” site MySpace is going under some renovations in an effort to clean up its copyright image. Like YouTube, MySpace has an untold number of copyrighted works available for the picking. Although this attribute has earned the ire of the entertainment industry, it has helped MySpace and YouTube become the successes they are today.

However as MySpace’s popularity continues to rise, it’s feeling the pressure to eliminate copyrighted works. Yesterday, the social networking site announced that it will utilize GraceNote to prevent copyrighted work from being uploaded. GraceNote compares the fingerprint of a file and compares it to an index. If the song is copyrighted, it will prevent the file from ever appearing. It can also crawl the millions of MySpace pages and scour for copyrighted work.

In other words, MySpace will be void of virtually every last copyrighted song – much like YouTube is slowly dissolving copyrighted videos. But it doesn’t mean the music will go quiet.

MySpace's efforts are motivated by its desire to create room for authorized music distribution. In a press release issued today by independent music label “The Orchard”, the label’s entire catalog will be released via Snowcap. Snocap, a creation of Napster founder Shawn Fanning, allows copyright holders to manage the distribution of their work online. With this move, The Orchard will allow their music to be distributed on MySpace, for a price.

“Under the agreement, Orchard customers will be able to use their MySpace pages as digital storefronts, with SNOCAP providing a secure commerce environment through its Digital Registry and The Orchard providing royalty administration, accounting, and payment services.”

There’s little doubt that many other record labels will begin to jump on the MySpace digital storefront bandwagon. It will radically alter the MySpace landscape, which is built upon similar principals as P2P networks. Although it remains to be seen how well the MySpace faithful will react to this change, history has shown that similar changes on P2P networks has yielded little success.

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