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German P2P Traffic on the Rise
October 25, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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Germany has been a stronghold for the eDoneky2000 network ever since the community's beginning. It’s the home country for numerous indexing sites, and the most popular eDonkey2000 client, eMule. But times are changing in the largest western European country.

According to a recent study published by Ipoque, a German company that specializes in caching P2P traffic, BitTorrent has eclipsed eDonkey2000 as the primary file-sharing network of choice. Ipoque provides a similar service to the UK firm CacheLogic. Although the study is self promotional in nature, it reveals several interesting trends taking place in the German P2P landscape.

The most notable aspect of the study shows P2P networks continue to consume enormous amounts of bandwidth. According to Ipoque, P2P traffic consumes approximately 30% of available bandwidth during the day, and an astounding 70% at night. This represents a 10% increase since June 2006. Although BitTorrent has supplanted eDonkey2000 as the premium network, eDonkey2000 is still a heavy hitter as the combined total of these two protocols equates to over 95% of all German P2P traffic. Gnutella takes up only 2.24% of all traffic, while FastTrack is presumably categorized with “other” and is less than 1.54% of all traffic.

What files types are consuming all this traffic? Since the mainstream adoption of broadband, the thirst for music has been supplemented by the desire for videos – and a lot of them. According to Ipoque, video acquisition and distribution accounts for about 70% of all BitTorrent traffic. Software was also very popular, constituting just over 20% of all BitTorrent traffic. Because of their smaller size, audio files only account for 7.79% of all BitTorrent traffic.

Although it would appear video and software files are the most popular, this representation is somewhat deceptive. In terms of the shear number of files shared, music is still the king of P2P. Ipoque found that 22.3% of all files on BitTorrent are music files, followed by movies with 21.2%, porn at 15% and TV shows with 11.5%. Software (games and applications) made up 7% and 4.5% respectively. Interestingly, even though broadband penetration has migrated its way through Germany, small file applications still make up a majority of desired files on BitTorrent.

So how does Ipoque compile this information? Like CacheLogic, Ipoque installs traffic monitors throughout various ISP networks in Germany. According to Ipoque, the traffic streams of approximately 100,000 are monitored anonymously.

“We have developed a special module for our PRX traffic managers, that some of our partners participating in this study installed on their systems,” an Ipoque representative told “This module collects all file hashes and the transfer volume per file hash. For eDonkey, we also collect file names as they are transmitted in the clear. No IP addresses or any other information that could be related to a specific person have been collected.

“Then we use a semi-automatic procedure to classify the data – based on file name keywords and extensions and also on web repositories the also provide a classification.”

Germany has been the target of numerous copyright enforcements – the May 2006 server raids and the IFPI’s massive lawsuit campaign. Yet this seems to have little impact on the activities of the file-sharing community, who seem more determined than ever to share information without outside hindrance.

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