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Omgili Redux
October 22, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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When Slyck reported on Omgili in January, the project was in its mere infancy. Omgili, short for “Oh my God I love it”, is a forum search engine created by P2P developer Ran Geva. Ran Geva is known for his work on less traditional file-sharing applications such as Peer2Mail, DYI P2P, Maileet, and Sigster.

Lately however, Ran has deemphasized his efforts on file-sharing and instead has concentrated on information sharing. Although Omgili outwardly shares little in common with his older projects, it does similarly function in the pursuit of information. How you ask?

Omgili is different from other search engines in that it exclusively indexes community forums. Community forums have grown substantially since the turn of the millennium, thanks largely to the simplicity of establishing such communities. Specialized communities with invaluable amounts of information contained within have proliferated with little slowdown in sight. Community forums on file-sharing, politics and just about any other subject matter are only a Google search away.

Or are they? Google is terrific for indexing web page information; however it often times lacks the depth to index the content contained within community forums. As most forum participants know, the information within a community forum is often times more valuable than the information contained on a webpage. Ran Geva hopes to fill this gap with Omgili.

When Slyck first reported on Omgili, the embryonic project was indexing only a few thousand community forums. Today, Omgili is indexing near 100,000 forums and its resourcefulness has increased in correlation. What was a nifty idea 8 months ago has transformed into a valuable search tool.

How so? Let’s take a subject matter relevant to the file-sharing community – BitTorrent clients. Just about every P2P forum has a forum subject, “What is the best BitTorrent client.” It’s a question often asked, and like many things online, it’s probably already been answered. Most people’s first inclination is to head over to Google and conduct a search, with a string such as “best BitTorrent client.”

And now, a search from Omgili.

While Google provides a tremendous amount of information, it doesn’t go too deep into forum discussions. Omgili however focuses exclusively on community forums, and all the information surrounding the age old question “which BitTorrent client is the best?” From the Google search, the individual may get the impression that Azureus is the end all of BitTorrent clients. However, the Omgili search goes much further, and examines the more important question, “Which BitTorrent client is best for me?”

Omgili isn’t designed to replace or compete with Google, or any other large search engine. Rather, it’s designed primary to provide a supplement of information not so easily obtained by more traditional methods.

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