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Lost: Season Snarf
September 20, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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Snarf-it came to be on the heels of the old SuprNovaForums. Although not initially affiliated or partnered in any way, Snarf-it and its eternal mascot Snarfer generated popular support during the waning days off the SuperNovaForums.

The original ownership of Snarf-it used their mascot "Snarfer" as a third person representation of their BitTorrent indexing effort. It worked well enough, and Snarf-it became a popular BitTorrent indexing site. Although Snarf-it's growth would not be on par with MiniNova or ThePirateBay, it filled a sizable niche in the BitTorrent.

Several months after the closure of the once mighty, the independent SuprNovaForums (SNF) merged with Snarf-it. The initial comradry between the sites benefited the two, as the merger meant the SNF community would continue, and Snarf-it would grow considerably in size.

"The forum has been seeing an obvious decrease in regulars attending due to the fact of SuprNova closing." explained then SuprNovaForum administrator and Snarf-it owner 'FD.' "It was obvious that we needed to do something to preserve the fantastic community we have there, I decided that as was born in SNF, that it was the logical choice for us to become the community."

FD's administration of BitTorrent indexing sites would prove not to be part of his long term strategy. Within a month, FD sold and NewzMonster, a NZB indexing site. No longer willing to play Russian roulette with the entertainment industry, FD spun 180 degrees and initiated, a technology and file-sharing news site.

The new administration of continued where FD left off. Although the Snarfer mascot was dropped in practice, its spirit continued to be a symbol of this BitTorrent indexing site. One of the more noticeable policy changes was the “do it yourself” copyright enforcement tool. The new administration of the site perhaps believed this tool could be seen as an olive branch to the entertainment industry, and an attempt to control the potential misuse of Snarf-it as a vehicle of copyright infringement.

This attempt is now a target of skepticism, as’s indexing abilities have been stripped away. All that remains of the Snarf-it website is a seemingly foreboding message left by the website’s administration.

“Where is Snarf-It? Your guess is as good as ours, at some point last night our database servers disappeared, and we really mean disappeared. The data centre where they are stored is not telling us anything and they are not replying to our calls or emails. We are at this point quite paranoid and thinking the worst (possibly that the servers have been siezed), we just don't know. We are preparing to take flight to Havana where our new lives await us under Fidel's regime (he want's to open a Cuban torrent site to piss of the White House).

“We will update this page as we find out information but you can count on 1 thing, we will be back and it will be soon, we have had safeguards in place for situations like this for some time. Please excuse us as we now have a plane to catch...."

The sentence “our database servers disappeared, and we really mean disappeared” strikes a similar tone as raid against ThePirateBay back in late May of 2006. And similar to ThePirateBay, is also hosted in Sweden, and by the same web hosting company, PRQ.

These similarities combine to produce a concerning picture - if you ignore the jocularity. Yet this is where the similarities end. Snarf-it's downtime appears to have been the result of a simple error on the part of their web hosting company, and the site should return soon.

Update: The administraton has posted an update:

Our downtime certainly has caused a few people to freak out, relax, take it easy. We haven't been raided but we have lost our RAID so we are rebuilding some indexes and transferring them to the new server which has 6 x 36gb raptors in RAID 50, that should help us should this happen again. We plan to be back for the weekend, we can't have you torrentfreaks going cold turkey now can we!

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