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Snakes on a Torrent
August 31, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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Simplicity. That may be one of the most cherished words when it comes to computing, at least for the mainstream community. However simplicity is also welcomed within the Linux community as well, especially when it comes to innovative programming and design.

A new BitTorrent program devloped by perhaps falls under this catagory. The program, dubbed "Snakebite", is simplicity itself - click and drag establishment of a BitTorrent tracker. Although setting up a BitTorrent tracker is not beyond the ability of a well rounded computer user, the program seeks to bring this ability to computer users of all experience levels.

As most BitTorrent fans know, sharing work via BitTorrent is no short order - at least not compared to sharing on a traditional P2P network.

First, its necessary to create a .torrent file for each and every file to be shared. Then, the file needs to be uploaded to a tracker, such as Lastly, the individual needs to seed the file - in other words act as the initial distribution point to spread the file. Snakebite consolodates these three steps to a mere one.

Snakebite combines the power of a webserver and the convenience of a simplistic P2P application in one small package. In order to share work with friends, family, or whoever, simply drop and drag the files you wish to share into a folder. Snakebit does the rest. No need to create .torrent files, upload .torrents or seed files.

"Now we have Snakebite, which provides all of the power of BitTorrent with the ease of use of a webserver. Simply install snakebite, launch it, and drop files in the correct folder. They are then shared over BitTorrent with no additional effort"

Although Snakebite would appear perfect for Windows users, it's currently only available under Linux. According to Actlab, they are "excited" about releasing a Windows version, howeve as they are primarily Linux developers progress may be slow. To facilitate the progress of a Windows release, Actlab is calling on the programming community to help develop a Windows version.

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