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Podtropolis to Close
July 6, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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For some reason Podtropolis is being labeled the most popular iPod torrent site. By such a narrow definition, this could be true; however it holds the same weight as saying Mute is the most popular anonymous P2P network. Regardless, its purported popularity has done little to benefit this failing torrent site, as it has announced its impending closure.

Launched in November of 2005, Podtropolis held significant potential. Riding on the popularity of Apple’s new video iPod and that of BitTorrent, the combination of an iPod-only BitTorrent site seemed enticing. Like the iPod and iTunes combination, Podtropolis promised a convenient one stop shopping market for those looking to fill their MP3 player with the latest videos. Perhaps most importantly, videos were already converted to an iPod compliant format.

At the time, the concept appeared flawless. With the major inconvenience of converting common video formats into Apple compliant formats eliminated, Podtopolis was poised to become the next mega-BitTorrent site on the scale of, or This promising future however was not meant to be.

In an announcement made on July 4, 2006, the administration of Podtropolis announced that because of severe budgetary issues, the site will close within a week. Specifically, the administration contends it is unable to muster the $580.00 US needed to keep the Podtropolis server online.

“We have been unable to pay it due to the fact that we lost an advertiser and donations have become practically non-existent.”

This situation is in stark contrast to the administrative abilities of, who by the sheer will of God is able to relocate, refinance and raise capital within a minimal time frame. Podtropolis’ financial difficulties are not unusual, especially when faced with the sudden absence of a major advertiser and significant server costs.

However Podtropolis’ impending failure also points to a lack of donations, a significant source of revenue for many BitTorrent sites. Podtropolis was unable to capitalize on the dual popularity of the iPod and BitTorrent; which ultimately prohibited Podtropolis from gathering a significant fan base. This may not be Podtropolis’ fault, at least not completely.

Since Podtropolis’ release, iPod conversion software has become faster, more efficient, and easier to use. Additionally, large BitTorrent sites such as and isoHuntactually have more iPod oriented torrents than Podtropolis does…or did. Although many BitTorrent fans regret the loss of any such related site, refreshingly this loss is a result of supply and demand – not that of an enforcement action.

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