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Copy Protection Tag Proposal
March 26, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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It seems immenent that copy protected media will in some form make its way into the consumer market. How this media will be displayed continues to be up for debate. Copyright holders would rather trickle their product in without fanfair, while consumer advocacy groups would like warning lables plastered across the product.

In responce to this debate, Senator Ron Wyden, (D-OR) has introduced the Digital Consumer Right to Know Act. The bill would "grant the Federal Trade Commission the power to establish labeling methods for technology that limits the ability of consumers to freely copy, distribute or back up digital content."

"While digital media companies are racing to develop technologies to combat piracy, some of these antipiracy measures could have the effect of restricting lawful, legitimate consumer uses as well as unlawful copying. My bill says that if digital content is released in a form that prevents or limits reasonable consumer use, consumers have a right to be told in advance," Sen Wyden said in a statement.

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