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DirectConnect Finally Hits 160,000
March 19, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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DirectConnect has been part of the P2P community since the days of Napster, providing an execellent resource of CD images and other information. However, rapid growth has eluded this network, as others have quickly out paced this community.

Despite the slow progress, growth over the last two years has been positive. During May of 2001, DirectConnect (DC) had only 5, 000 users. By February 2002, this number had grown to 94,000. At 4:30 PM EST, DirectConnect finally broke 160,000.

There is an effort underway to improve these numbers. For last few weeks, John Hess, creator of DirectConnect, has been collecting information regarding the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of his client.

Some of the more serious problems currently facing the DirectConnect community is its poorly designed GUI. While many believe that the old eDonkey2000 GUI was utilitarian at best, the DC continues to hold the crown for abomination. With multiple windows scattered recklessly across ones desktop, its amazes many that it manages to generate a 160,000 user following.

While these numbers are impressive, DirectConnect is suffering from the "eDonkey" syndrome. Specifically, third party developers, such as D++, have taken this network by storm. D++ is an open-source DirectConnect client, which has propelled the popularity of this network. Similarly, the eDonkey2000 network has witnessed a vast majority of its users to switch over to the unofficial eMule program.

Can DirectConnect become the next eDonkey, iMesh, WinMX or FastTrack? In its current state, no. Shared resource requirements need to be seriously reconsidered, while the development team must scrap the present GUI. Hopefully, the current homepage activity precedes a DirectConnect renaissance.

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