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UK ISP EFH Broadband says 'Unlimited' = 100GB
April 23, 2006
Mark Finn
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Around 7pm (GMT) Saturday evening, the UK ISP EFH Broadband, once regarded as one of the more 'p2p friendly' ISPs, took the decision to cap its "heaviest users" with immediate effect and without prior warning.

Many users of EFH's 'unlimited' service were left shocked and dismayed to find their broadband bandwidth suddenly reduced to little more than dial-up speeds for ALL internet traffic, not just file sharing. Instead of contacting customers whom they considered to be heavy users, giving them the chance to either reduce their usage or migrate to another ISP, EFH took the surprise decision to impose severe bandwidth restrictions first, notifying customers about it afterwards by leaving a message in the EFH forums. The message was clear: 'Like it or leave'.

Angry customers turning up at the EFH forums, trying to find out what was going on, were shocked to read the following post by Duncan Pollard, one of the EFH admins: "We have made some further changes and web browsing and games seems much better. As part of this, we have had to put our heaviest users on a restricted service. In this restricted service, customers get a maximum speed of 100kbps for any service including p2p".

"This has only been applied to customers who have, or look like they are going to, exceed 100GB in 30 days" , adds Duncan, "We didn't want to do this, but the impact of a few users on the vast majority has been too great"

While many of their customers are now left wondering whether EFH are possibly even in breach of their contract by reducing the 2Mbit+ connections they're paying for to 0.1Mbit without any prior warning, one thing is clear: If you want to use p2p frequently, EFH don't want you as a customer!

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