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Mobile Internet Going Mainstream
April 19, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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As technology marches forward many typically associate larger monitors and high definition with progress. This is undoubtedly true in the home setting, however for those who spend considerable time traveling or on business, smaller has its advantages. According to a recent study by Ipsos, more people are accessing the Internet for information via mobile devices than ever before.

It’s not difficult to see this trend manifest itself in daily life. As the PDA and mobile phone continue to integrate, devices such as the Palm Treo or the Blackberry provide a glimpse into this increasingly mobile Internet world. According to Ipsos, the PC is still the method of choice for accessing the Internet; however in several global markets mobile devices are closing the gap.

In Japan for example, nearly 40% of the population accessed the Internet via a hand held device. This rate was considerably weaker in the United States, where only 25% of the population use a mobile device to access the Internet.

Globally, the trend increased from 25% in 2004 to 28% in 2005. This may seem marginal; however the demographic that helped push this increase was the crucial 35+ crowd. This provides a better perspective into the possible future of Internet and mobile technology, as adaptation by those over 35 separates pop-trendy technology (such as the iPod) from legitimate steps forward (such as the Palm Treo.)

The study did not provide insight as to why the United States is reluctant to jump onto mobile bandwagon, but there’s little doubt the concept is beginning to take shape. Wi-fi hot spots are continuing to spring up, and enticing mobile Internet options from Verizon are difficult to ignore. The key to full globalization of mobile Internet technology is the continued marriage of the PDA and mobile phone – which means improved screen resolution, faster processors and a wide variety of applications.

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