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BitComet .64 Released
April 12, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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It's nearly impossible to develop an application or website in the P2P world and not have some controversy or suspicion attached. ĀµTorrent suffered a public relations relapse after its involvement with PeerFactor, while suspicious were raised after's change of management. Typically such marks of the beast pass over time, yet they remain an identifiable attribute.

BitComet's turbulent past has actually managed to enhance its popularity. The release of version .60 allowed the client to share peers associated with private trackers with the public BitTorrent population. Although this infuriated private trackers and resulted in BitComet's banishment from many such trackers, it helps exemplify a paradoxal double standard in the BitTorrent community.

The situation was subsequently resolved, with developer RnySmile reverting back to version .59. This version did not contain the bug that allowed the sharing of private peers; however was a technological step backwards from .60. Further resolving the situation, RnySmile upgraded the BitComet application and restoring the features lost in version .60 by releasing .61, .62 and .63.

Contrary to most other P2P development, BitComet continues to set the pace by issuing releases on a consistent basis. Today reinforces BitComet's consistence, as a stable version of .64 has been released. Although mostly cosmetic, there are several core bug fixes that should make this BitTorrent application ever slightly more stable. From the BitComet homepage:

GUI Improved: the optional IE toolbar is removed
GUI Improved: able to read RSS feed
GUI Bugfix: chat user list is removed temporarily
Core Bugfix: fix the bug that the play button doesn't work after click stop button in task preview window
Core Bugfix: fix the bug that unable to seek continuous when preview avi/rm file

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You can download BitComet here.

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