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Shareaza 1.8.2. Hits The Net
March 12, 2003
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The newest version of many peoples favorite Gnutella client is now available. Shareaza has quickly rose out of the dark to take the Gnutella world by storm. Its quick speeds, constant development, and smooth G.U.I. have helped it gain such success. It was one of the first P2P client to include a built in I.P. blocking method. Other clients like Emule have now followed suit. It allows users an to block I.P.'s of companies like overpeer in an easy way. Shareaza's controversial "G2" has drawn many new users in. Many report much better performance with the new network. Here is a list of the clients updated from the Shareaza forum boards.

New things:

- Some sleek GUI changes, looks cooler
- Usernames in search results and reviews
- Easy-rating feature in album view, rate files with one click!
- Info-bar in media player
- New "Search For" tool in the library & search results, finds related files, for example:
- "Search for more episodes in this series", very useful!
- Upload filters to show/hide active, queued and old uploads
- New bitrate selection in audio searches, search specific bitrates or ranges (eg 128-256)
- Details panels now show full-width and multi-line metadata! This really rocks.
- Separate queue & slot information for each file

- Fixed parsing port numbers in alternate sources, making more good sources available
- Fixed keyboard scrolling in search results - you can at last navigate with the keyboard!
- Improved download logic to try new sources before retrying old/known bad ones
- Fragmentation size adjusts to available tigertree data resolution
- Optimised search result construction, faster now
- Fixed the "popup window flicker" when playing videos, smooth as silk now
- Fixed error in "application.xml" file
- Fixed over-broad searching when using metadata fields (full match needed)
- Fixed scroll strangeness in some library views
- Improved thumbnailing, thumbs now taken from the middle of the video, choosing keyframes and detecting darkness more effectively
- AVI thumbnails are more stable now, too
- Fixed a possible instability in remote thumbnail serving (reported once)
- Separate queue & upload status for small / large files (for the two independent queues)
- More natural specification of file size filters (dynamic units)
- Optimised several protocol areas to reduce size
- Added support for SSL GWebCache connections, I hope
- Added chat timestamp option
- Improved firewall detection
- Generally did good things

Download Shareaza here

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