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Web Interface Coming to µTorrent
February 13, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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Remote sharing (or Web User Interface) is hardly a new concept. In P2P terms, the feature has been around for the better part of 2 years, helping to define eMule from MetaMachine. The open source Azureus also has a very effective Web UI plug in, know as the Swing Web Interface.

Whether for eMule or Azureus, Web user interfaces accomplish much of the same thing. The feature allows remote access of a file-sharing application from any Internet enabled PC. Many have found this particularly useful for managing downloads while unable to attend the home PC. The included functionality of uploading torrent files or ED2K (eDonkey2000) links allows end users to add to their download queue as well.

Although this feature has proven very popular with eMule, it has yet to take off in the BitTorrent community. Azureus' Swing Web interface is simple enough to use, however this BitTorrent client lacks the mass appeal necessary to bring this feature into the mainstream. Challenging this is µTorrent, which has the potential to make remote sharing common on the BitTorrent community.

Since its release, µTorrent has become one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. Its remarkably small memory foot print and CPU consumption make it virtually invisible, allowing just about anyone - regardless of computer specifications - to take advantage of this client.

With such a wide range of appeal, µTorrent's upcoming feature - Web User Interface - should bring remote sharing into the BitTorrent mainstream. The feature is currently in Alpha testing, and according to details, works similar to Azureus's torrent manager. While µTorrent is not breaking any new ground, the combination of an old concept with rocketing popularity may help bring renewed interest in remote managing. The development work is still not completed, and no release timeline is currently available.

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