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BREIN Claims Victory Over 16 Dutch BitTorrent Sites
February 11, 2006
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Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN are celebrating the closure of 16 BitTorrent sites, as part of their quest to “serve and protect authors, artists, producers and distributors of creative entertainment product against commercially significant theft of copyright and neighbouring rights”.

Among the victims are and DikkeDonder.

Other sites include, and

In a Dutch language press release, BREIN director Tim Tuik explained the action.

“'Owners of illegal p2p sites knowingly breach copyright laws and take part in it. They know they are causing great damages. They take their advantage and do not do anything to stop the breach. This has to end”.

According to BRIEN’s press release, the group have seized assets belonging to DikkeDonder’s owner, including a bank account and car, to ensure payment of damages.

The group estimate damages of at least €200,000 (240,000 USD).

A second site called, who run a private tracker with around 10, 000 users, were initially forced offline by after BRIEN pressured their ISP, but the site relocated to Russia.

After a home visit by BREIN, the homepage has been replaced with a message saying the site would be changing address due to intimidation against the site domain owner.

The NLexperience team allege BREIN visited the home of the domain owner on the forth anniversary of his daughter’s death. The date was well known by the site members, so NLexperince believe it was more than coincidence.

NLexperience promise to return, but BREIN are warning they will claim damages of €5, 000 (6,000 USD) per day, plus an additional €500 (600 USD) per infringing file being traded by their users if the site does choose to reopen.

BREIN also demand the names and addresses of the other employees on the site.

As part of their statement, the NLexperience team claim to be in direct contact with DikkeDonder, who say no assets have been seized.

“[BREIN] distorts the truth to get the attention and headlines in the press,” the NLexperience statement reads.

A feeling felt by other Dutch BitTorrent webmasters.

Arjan, who works at the adult tracker and is the former owner of raided BitTorrent site Youceff, told, “I have no clue how they got to that number of 16 sites. I'm willing to bet 14 of those weren't more then a forum with 10 users.

“As long as BREIN only names 3 sites as examples, we know for sure they're blagging. Any self respecting piracy hunter would display their trophies and not name only 3 out of 16.”

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