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Kazaa Hack 2.1 Released
March 2, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Most agree that leech control is a good idea. However, when it proves to be unfair to those who can only participate on a limited scale, remedies must be sought. For example, many on dial-up connections simply cannot share as much as those on a 2.5 Meg Cable connection. If you're stuck on a dial-up connection and wish to benefit from faster servers and more download sources, check out this program.

Why use Kazaa Hack when Kazaa Lite keeps your participation level at 1,000 permanently? Well, evidence suggests that many individuals are canceling their uploads to individuals with level of 1,000 due to the sudden over abundance of "supreme beings". This hack allows you to adjust your participation level to a more reasonable setting when you're not uploading/downloading.

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