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Being Sued by the RIAA Turns Profitable
The out pouring of support for 12 year old Brianna has turned her piracy debacle into her lucky day.
September 12, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
RIAA Lawsuit Backlash Continues
Many musicians have now spoken out against the RIAA lawsuits. Many news writers have written about the perils the RIAA now faces in explaining to the public why they are suing people in the name of artists who are speaking out against the lawsuits.
September 11, 2003
by Raymond Hoffman
RIAA Sues 12 Year Old Girl
Seizures of Toys may net thousands.
September 9, 2003
Updated Subpoena List
TechTV and the EFF have updated their subpoena database.
August 15, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
RIAA Subpoenas - Complete Artist Breakdown
Slyck details further analysis of all the RIAA subpoenas giving a complete list of the frequency of artists and songs.
August 10, 2003
RIAA Shot Down
A Massachusetts District court judge rejects the RIAA's Washington D.C. based subpoenas.
August 8, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
The RIAA Hit List - A Pattern Emerges?
We've gone through half of the available subpoenas, and it seems certain artists trigger the RIAA's automated bots.
July 29, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Subpoena Defense Alliance and Chilling Effects
Two new websites are formed to help users or ISPs that have received supbpoenas.
July 27, 2003
by Raymond Hoffman
The RIAA Hit List
The RIAA has started pulling Kazaa's punk cards. An incomplete list of users has already been developed.
July 23, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
The RIAA Offensive: Part III
Today we visit Filetopia, who share their views on the RIAA's crusade in the online copyright wars. Metamachine has also provided an interesting Q&A article regarding encryption, available on their forum.
July 16, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
The RIAA Offensive - Part I
Could this be P2P's worse nightmare come true or just more rhetoric from our favorite trade organization? Part I of our multi-part feature regarding this dramatic turn of events.
June 25, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
RIAA Settles With College Students
In a matter that could have been much more costly, the RIAA has settled for a substantial discount.
May 1, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Students Sued Over Operating File Sharing Service
Several Students have been sued by the RIAA over operating a college file sharing system.
April 5, 2003
Verizon Willing to Reveal P2P User's Identity
As part of settlement talks with the RIAA, Verizon has said that it would reveal a P2P user's identity.
February 1, 2003
Norway Student Fined for Distributing MP3s
When it comes to Internet copyright laws, Norway has been attracting quite a bit of attention to itself lately.
January 23, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke

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