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Getting Around iTunes DRM
Have an iTunes subscription and wish to get around that meddlesome DRM? Give Jon Lech Johansen and Company's new program 'PyMusique' a try.
March 19, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
SnoCap Allies Itself with Several Independent Labels
The Digital Rights Management firm SnoCap signs on new independent labels.
March 18, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Stanford University Mulls Music Service
Stanford University considers whether to join many of its collegiate brethren and make a deal with the likes of Napster or Rhapsody.
March 3, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Napster Does 180
Napster, who sat in the defendant’s seat in 2001, is now on the other side of the dock, supporting the prosecution of its predecessors.
February 19, 2005
If P2P Companies Advertised Like Napster..., the once proud P2P network has spent a tremendous amount of cash on their new “Napster to Go” promotion. What if a P2P company were to spend a similar amount?
February 8, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Napster Ups Ante Against iTunes
Napster looks to marginalize the large competitive advantage iTunes possesses by introducing a promotional feature dubbed "Napster To Go."
February 3, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Yahoo! Acquires Musicmatch
Looking to expand its online presence, Yahoo buys up Musicmatch.
September 14, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
RealNetworks Lowers Subscription Price
RealNetworks lowers the price of music downloads temporarily from 99 cents to 49 cents in a bid to draw consumers away from Apple's iTunes.
August 17, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Music Downloads Now Included For Awards
As most will know, gold and platinum awards for music are calculated by actual over-the-counter sales. Now the RIAA wants to include the same criteria for music that is downloaded
July 10, 2004
by Chuck Solitude
iTunes launched in Europe
iTunes has launched in the UK, France and Germany, offering 700,000 tracks, but there are some notable exceptions.
June 16, 2004
iTunes to tackle Europe
Despite being late to the game, Apple is planning to muscle in on the European music download market, perhaps as early as the 15th June.
June 7, 2004
iTunes Download Prices to Increase?
The New York Post has reported that Apple will increase the cost of downloads, however Apple has thus far denied the report.
May 9, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Apple's iTunes Breaks Download Record
One week after launching iTunes 4.5, 3.3 million tracks have been downloaded.
May 6, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Apple iTunes After One Year
Apple iTunes leads the industry sanctioned music distribution market with 70 million downloads; however this falls 30 million short of its target 100 million downloads.
April 28, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Legitimate Music Downloads in the UK: A fair deal?
What do legitimate downloaders get for their hard earned cash?
April 3, 2004

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