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Razorback Servers Seized
The largest community of eDonkey2000 servers has been reportedly taken offline by Belgian Police. Update: New information on Razorback raid.
February 21, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
More Canadian Action Against Sony-BMG
In a newly announced lawsuit, Canada marks its fourth lawsuit against Sony-BMG.
February 5, 2006
Major Piracy Bust Against Top Providers
Several European top warez providers have fallen.
January 24, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Canada to Sue Sony BMG Over DRM Albums
The end of last year was dominated by the stories surrounding Sony BMG rootkit and Suncomm fiasco. Now it seems plaintiffs in Canada are launching class action lawsuits of their own.
January 6, 2006
Preliminary Settlement Reached With Sony-BMG
However the Texas Attorney General’s investigation is ongoing.
December 30, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
New MediaMax Patch Just as Vulnerable
Any rush to congratulate SunnComm and Sony-BMG is a bit premature, as the new MediaMax security patch contains its own set of vulnerabilities.
December 7, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
TV Lawsuits More Apparent In The Future?
With TV shows now sporting a price tag with the lure of no advertisements, will lawsuits be more apparent in the future?
October 25, 2005
RIAA Takes On XM Over Copyright Infringement
Because the S50 can record digital radio, the record industry says it is copyright infringement.
September 29, 2005
The-RealWorld Removes eDonkey2000 Links
The-RealWorld, an eDonkey2000 indexing site, has been forced offline for the time being.
August 24, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
MPAA Sues Four in Texas on Behalf of Member Companies
They say the longest journey starts with a single step.
July 27, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Wal-Mart Uses DMCA Against Parody Site
Wal-Mart forces parody website to remove its content, citing copyright violations.
April 28, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Microsoft Files Eight Lawsuits Against Computer Companies
Microsoft cracks down on what it calls “The distribution of counterfeit software [that] hurts…honest businesses.” But how true is this?
April 12, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Prosecutors Consider Action
Popular Russian music retailer is under investigation by local authorities.
February 22, 2005
Music Industry Subpoenaed
New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is probing the music industry amid allegations the big five have been financially influencing radio play of certain artists.
October 24, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Brilliant Digital and Altnet Sue the RIAA
Citing violations on their "TrueNames" patent, Brilliant Digital and Altnet file a civil lawsuit against the Recording Industry Association of America.
September 9, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke

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