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AOL-ful Adverts
Unavoidable advertisements are being bundled with music CDs, pushing AOL’s software on music lovers.
July 3, 2004
A Sassy Worm
Although this typically is not Slyck's arena, the increased threat of the Sasser worm is causing headaches across the world.
May 4, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Scam Sites - A New Threat to P2P
Forget the RIAA and MPAA, an old threat to P2P makes a renewed presence.
April 27, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Media Sentry's Data Gathering Methods Challenged
Interesting revelations have come out of the file sharing case in Canada.
March 18, 2004
More Virus Fun
F-Secure has released updated information regarding the "Fizzer" virus, which propagates itself through email and the FastTrack network.
May 12, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Computer Worm Slows Down Internet
A particularly aggressive computer worm is slowing Internet connections around the globe. However, the repercussions of this worm appear to be mild for most people.
January 25, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Another RIAA Hack
The latest hack (second in one day) contains a press release that's so well written that it leads one to initially believe that the RIAA has surrendered to will of P2P networking.
January 11, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke

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