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FCC's Broadcast Flag Regulation Dead in the Water
The United States Court of Appeals in Washington has thrown out the FCC's order that would have enforced "Broadcast Flags."
May 6, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke Interviews Jon Lech Johansen
Slyck interviews programmer Jon Lech Johansen.
April 4, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Getting Around iTunes DRM
Have an iTunes subscription and wish to get around that meddlesome DRM? Give Jon Lech Johansen and Company's new program 'PyMusique' a try.
March 19, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Macrovision Unveils New Copy Protection Suite
Macrovision launches their latest in CD copy-protection technology.
January 24, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
SunnComm Finalizes New Copy Protection Software
Looking to reverse its embarrassing venture into CD copy protection, SunnComm releases its latest version of MediaMax software.
October 30, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
DeCSS No Longer a Trade Secret
A California Court rules that DeCSS has been circulated so much that it can no longer be considered a trade secret.
February 28, 2004
by Thomas Mennecke
Prosecution Appeal Against DVD Jon Rejected
The copyright industry can add another significant loss to their campaign, as a Norwegian Court has rejected the prosecutions request for an appeal against DVD Jon.
December 23, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Student Defeats New Copy Protection Software
Last month an album by the artist Anthony Hamilton was released with new copy protection software.
October 10, 2003
Copy Protection Defeated - Again
No magic marker this time, but the method is just as easy.
October 7, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
States Launch Mini-DMCA Laws
Research has indicated that many states have initiated their own DMCA laws. It this cause for concern?
April 14, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
Copy Protection Tag Proposal
With copy protection schemes potentially making their way into the consumer market, a new method for warning consumers is in the works.
March 26, 2003
by Thomas Mennecke
DeCSS Witch-Hunt to Continue Against Johansen
Once again, Jon Johansen will be tried for theft. The nineteen year old from Oslo had been previously tried and acquitted on the charges.
February 28, 2003
Prosecution Changes Charges in DeCSS Case
December 15, 2002
by Thomas Mennecke

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