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MPAA Puts the Screws to in settlement talks with the MPAA.
March 25, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
NATO to Fight Cam Piracy
The National Association of Theatre Owners, that is.
March 13, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Huge Anti-Piracy Push By MPAA
The Motion Picture industry continues their enforcement actions, striking against BitTorrent, eDonkey2000, and interestingly enough, Newsgroup indexing servers.
February 23, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Uploading Bust Aimed To Scare
Anti-piracy trick has more bark than bite.
February 18, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Slyck Interviews the MPAA
If the voices of our P2P community are anything to go by, there can be fewer greater evils or threats to personal liberty than the “axis of evil” that is led by the infamous MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America.) Fronted by a highly professional team, the MPAA are out to capture no prisoners, and are renowned for their pursuit of file-sharers the world over.
December 22, 2005
End of the Road for Overpeer
Overpeer, who once attempted to flood P2P networks with corrupt and false files, is no more.
December 10, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
BitTorrent and MPAA Join Forces
BitTorrent, responsible for a majority of Internet traffic, and the MPAA, responsible for a representing a majority of motion pictures, announced a deal today.
November 22, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Movie Industry Keeps Pressure on Chinese Piracy Market
The MPAA is keeping the pressure on both the US government and China to thwart rampant physical piracy.
November 21, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
eDonkey2000 Indexing Server Targeted
An international effort has brought down the eDonkey2000 indexing site, "The-FreeWorld."
October 18, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
MovieLabs to Fight Piracy
Foiling movie pirates is the name of the game. Six major Hollywood studios are hoping to gain more control over their technological destiny have agreed to jointly finance a multimillion-dollar research laboratory to speed the development of anti-piracy technology.
September 19, 2005
Recording Industry's Bill Slammed By Consumer Groups
The recording industry tries to pass the Broadcast Flag Bill in Congress with negative results.
September 14, 2005
RIAA and MPAA Join Internet2 Consortium
Recording, movie groups go high speed.
September 9, 2005
MPAA Stays Busy, but ED2K Sites Hold the Line
The MPAA has targeted more BitTorrent users and is claiming victory over But eDonkey2000 operators don’t appear phased by the news.
August 28, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Movie Studios Vs. Internet Movie Thieves,  Round Six!
August 2, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Three More Movie Pirates Sued in New York
The MPAA has identified three Rochester, New York, residents on behalf of member companies accused of illegally trading copyrighted movies online.
July 29, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke

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