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Anti-DRM Experiment not to blame for Game Publisher Bankruptcy
February 2, 2009
by Thomas Mennecke
Canadian Bar Association Discusses P2P and DRM
A general lowdown on copyright issues in Canada.
September 29, 2007
CIPPIC Studies Privacy Implications of DRM
How DRM impact Canadian privacy laws.
September 25, 2007
France's New DRM Watchdog
Newly established and tackling the problems of DRM.
April 13, 2007
French Movement Seeks Annulment on Anti-DRM Fines
Fine for circumvention of DRM deemed unfair.
March 27, 2007
RIAA Says No Way to Fair Use Reform
Boucher/Doolittle bill likely doomed.
March 1, 2007
by Thomas Mennecke
Fair Use Amendment Introduced to the DMCA
Copyright reform in the United States?
February 27, 2007
by Thomas Mennecke
AACS Attack: a Clear and Present Danger to DRM
AACS downplays attack, however reality presents a stark future.
January 26, 2007
by Thomas Mennecke
Interview with muslix64, Developer of BackupHDDVD
The content protection for HD DVD and Blu-ray has been compromised – to what current and future extent is explained by muslix64 in an interview with
January 24, 2007
by Thomas Mennecke
Canadian Ministers Responses to DRM and Copyright Issues
October 6, 2006
Canadian Court Agrees With CIPPIC Demands
The Canadian judge responds in the Sony Rootkit settlement.
September 21, 2006
Sony Rootkit Fiasco Continues in Canada
Canada isn't through with Sony yet.
September 20, 2006
Michael Geist Wraps Up 30 Days of DRM
September 17, 2006
Sony-BMG Pays Up
Sony-BMG is now accepting claims to exchange their rootkit/trojan "CDs" for a clean CD.
February 16, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Microsoft hopes you Enjoy Halo 2, On Vista
Microsoft announced today that Halo 2 for the personal computer will only function on their upcoming Vista operating system.
February 9, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke

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