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Google Better than LimeWire?
New search engine makes a compelling case.
June 25, 2007
by Thomas Mennecke
µTorrent Web Interface Goes Public
Control your µTorrent client from infinity and beyond.
September 18, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Development Continues with eMule 0.47b
More development by the eMule team.
September 12, 2006
After nearly 200 days, Azureus finally offers an upgrade.
August 22, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
All-New Warez P2P – Version 3.0
18 months ago Warez P2P promised an entirely new client and protocol, completely separate from Ares, offering strong anonymity and BitTorrent speed downloading.
August 4, 2006
BitTorrent 4.20 Released
Just another update? Not quite.
June 22, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
BitComet .64 Released
The controversial BitTorrent client continues to chug along.
April 12, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Slyck 2.0
Major changes on the way.
April 5, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
eDonkey Prepares New Version
MetaMachine may be down, but not out.
March 20, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
Search User Forums with Omgili
A new forum search engine by P2P developer Ran Geva may have you say, "Oh My God I love it!"
January 2, 2006
by Thomas Mennecke
BitComet Reverts to Version .59
Amid controversy surrounding BitComet's alleged leeching from private trackers, BitComet has retrograded to version .59.
December 17, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
A Few Minor Updates to µTorrent
µTorrent continues to roll forward.
November 27, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Resurrecting WinMX
Long for the days of a functioning WinMX? Luckily for die hard WinMX fans, a solution has presented itself. Update: Vladd44's WinMX resource site also has a fix available.
September 23, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
New BitComet Beta Available
The venerable BitTorrent client BitComet has a new build available.
April 26, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke
Create Your Own P2P Program with DIYP2P
Ran Geva brings us yet another unique entry into the P2P world.
April 9, 2005
by Thomas Mennecke

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