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Slyck's Guide To SABnzbd+
SABnzbd+ How To Use
SABnzbd+ is web based and integrates nicely into your FireFox browser. On this page we're goind to set up our news server account and download folder, while covering a few other important options.
The Config Tab
Figure 4: Clicking Config Tab...
Navigation through SABnzbd+ is rather easy with the tabbed interface. The Config tab has most of the options you need to deal with, such as download folders and server managment.

Adding Your News Server Account Info
Figure 5: The Server Tab...
To add or edit a news server, click "Config" and then "Servers". Add the following news server account information in the left column (see Figure 5a):

1) Under "Host" enter:

2) Under "Username" enter your unique Red Orb News username.

3) Under "password" enter your unique Red Orb News password.

4) Under "Connections" enter the number of connections per your account.

Once you're done entering your news server account info, click "Add Server", and your news server will appear in column 2 (see Figure 5b). If you already entered a server, or wish to edit your server, simply click on any field, make your changes, and click "Save Changes".
The Download Folder
Figure 6: Changing Your Download Folder...
Click "Config" and then "Folders" to see where your downloads are heading, or to edit or change your download folder. SABnzbd+, like many news readers, has two download folder options, incomplete (see Figure 6a) and complete (see Figure 6b). Some people like to keep these folders separate, and SABnzbd+ does this by default. Unfortunately if you want to change your download folder, SABnzbd+ doesn't have a nice graphical window to pick and choose from - you have to enter the drive and folder path manually!
Changing the download folder is no big deal. To change the download folder (this is just an example), delete whatever is in the field and enter: "C:\Downloads\Usenet\Sabnzbd" . If you want to change the drive (we'll just pick an arbitrary drive), enter "F:\Downloads\Usenet\Sabnzbd". This method works in both fields (Figure 5a & Figure 5b).
The Watched Folder
Figure 7: All Along The Watched Folder...
On the same tab (Figure 6) is the "Wached Folder" option. As its name suggests, it's a folder that SABnzbd+ keeps an eye on - whenever a NZB, RAR, ZIP or Tar.gz file enters the folder, SABnzbd+ tries to open it and start downloading (see Figure 7).
The compressed file must contain a NZB file in order to work. This feature is convenient with NZB indexing sites that only offer zipped NZB files. Make sure this folder matches your browser's download folder, since that's where you'll be getting most of your NZB files from.
Adding NZB Files
Figure 8: alt.binz Downloading Messages...
NZB files can finally be associated with the latest release canidate, version 0.50.0 RC3. So now you can simply double click a NZB file, and it will add to your download queue. You can also manually add NZB files, as shown in Figure 8a. Here you can add the "Add Report id / URL" from either Newzbin or NZBMatrix - but you need an account with these indexing sites for this feature to work.

Alternatively, you can simply browse for downloaded NZB files on your hard drive (see Figure 8b). We like the idea of just associating the file with the news reader so it opens automatically.
SABnzbd+: Final Thoughts
SABnzbd+ is very good at what it does. Although it lacks many features found on Grabit and alt.binz, it's a God-send for Mac users. It's also the only news reader that is completely free, open source, and has every version publically available.
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