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Slyck's Guide To SABnzbd+
SABnzbd+ Intro and Installation
So you're all excited about the newsgroups; you purchased a news server account and dusted off your shiny Mac Book. Too bad you have an Apple, because Alt.Binz or Grabit won't work on the Mac OS platform. Sorry, no Usenet for you.
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"To Hell", you say. There has to be a solution, right? Absolutely - salvation comes in the form of SABnzbd+, an open source, web-based news reader. Awesome. If you're a Windows user, there's less of a compelling reason to use SABnzbd+ especially if you're just starting out, it can be a bit tricky to use at first. But SABnzbd+ does have a few interesting features that Alt.Binz and Grabit do not: every version is freely available to all users - there is no premium version. It also has a healthy community surrounding this application which develops some interesting third party add-ons. It can reassemble split files (.001) and works on all three major operating systems. Let's take a look at this pure binary news reader.
Figure 1: Windows? Mac? Linux? The Choice is Yours...
Navigate over to, which is the homepage for SABnzbd+. On the right side of the homepage is the download button. When you click the button, it will take you to the download page (see Figure 1), which will provide the option to download one of three versions of the client; Windows, Mac, or Linux. The choice isn't like picking a foreign language at the ATM to have some fun, choose the relevant download and install! If you're a new comer, we suggest choosing the "Windows Installer" option.
Figure 2: Current Stable Release...
Version 0.4.12: If you choose the "Windows Installer" option, SABnzbd+ will go through a normal installation process and guide you through each step. Once the news reader is done installing, SABnzbd+ will immediately open in your web browser. If you choose "Windows Binaries, zipped", you'll receive a folder with all of the SABnzbd+ file components. Just copy this folder over to C:\Program Files\SABnzbd - the same location the wizard installs to.
Current Beta Installation
Figure 3: SABnzbd+ Setup Wizard...
Version 0.5.0 RC:3 The latest release canidate of SABnzbd+ has a lot of new features, and you can download it here. One change in particular is a five step setup wizard (see Figure 3). If SABnzbd+ doesn't detect a news server present, you'll have to go through the wizard to get back into the program. Make sure you have your news server name (, username, and password before getting to Step 3.
Either way, installation should take no time. SABnzbd+ opens just like any other web tab in your browser - we hope you're using FireFox (see Figure 2)! When you first run SABnzbd+, it will quickly inform you that there is no Usenet server defined - that's because your Red Orb News account information hasn't been added yet. So let's fix that and a whole lot more on page 2.
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