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Current Version
Release Date
September 10, 2007
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 62
Networks Supported
BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc.
User Comments
added by bsabbath on August 7, 2006
Definetly a cheating leech client, but it does give fast speeds (obviously because it cheats).
added by Asmodeus on June 7, 2006
Willow the witch is right it is a big leecher client, dont see the problem for me with that ( leech means getting alot for giving little - remember kazaa lite). Good Speed and more features than most BT Clients such as netlimiting & ban individual peers. Overall my fav BT client.
added by Willowthewitch on April 29, 2006
Bitvomit isn't a sharing clinet it's a leacher client that slimes trackers. I know of at least 3 admins of closed trackers who have banned the use of bitcomet and it's clones... Myself and many other people who seed on public trackers will automatically ban bitvomit from the torrents we seed nuff said...
added by eternal0void on February 25, 2006
Very useful application. I personally prefer Azureus for most BitTorrent use, but BitComet is an excellent replacement if you need a BitTorrent client for a slower machine. BitComet has a built-in cache (same as Azureus) and a rich feature set. I'd highly recommend BitComet for anyone who wanted something equivalent to Azureus but with a smaller resource footprint.
added by fredpb on September 2, 2005
I have tried a few other clients. Bitcomet is great, except for one thing. Sometimes it can't handle a torrent file because of the way the filenames are entered. This prevents downloading the files. Bummer. Otherwise, Bitcoment is just about perfect.
added by NightHawkIX on August 7, 2005
This program is incredible
I as well was a die-hard azureus fan, but the massive Ram/Cpu usage finally killed it for me. The C++ core of BitComet seems to run alot smoother.
And oh, for you people still sub-bittorrent DL speeds with bComet, you MUST change the preferences. Alot of the "Auto" modes or default settings will result in horrible performance, if changed, you will get much better results. contact me over AIM or MSN if you need to know what to change (aim: nighthawkivx, msn: nighthawkix).
And to the previous post, bComet is spyware/adware free, you must've downloaded it from a horrible server...
added by rockylikescandy on August 2, 2005
I think it's one of the best because it has it's own links of torrent sites and downloads faster than the other torrent programs. Ofcourse torrents are for Full CD albums, Programs, and movies.
added by lufc on June 9, 2005
Fast, Slick and great interface. Now with industry-standard DHT. No ballast.. it downloads quick and simple.
added by mshawn1981 on June 9, 2005
It's the only client I've found that gives me the fastest d/l speeds, plus it now supports DHT, although not with Azureus and it's Distributed Database...
added by Nick on June 4, 2005
After sticking with Azureus for months and months, and ending up with instant shut downs - caused by iffy use of Java - I gave up and tried BitComet. My ONLY regret is that I didn't do so earler. OK. no DHT but no Java either - and that is a fair exchange. UDP works fine, so no frigging with the router. A real pleasure to us
added by nino on May 17, 2005
This program rocks! its amazing how little cpu it uses. The only change I made was to the Preferences/Advanced/Connection/Global Maximum Uploads Slots from Auto to 2 that way my Cable connection dosent Lag.

I'm running this on my laptop which is a 996 Mhz, 384 MB of RAM with Windows XP SP2 and ZoneAlarm Pro.

I also tried Azureus & BitTornado but they maxed out my cpu and did not work.

I have a P4 3.2 which Azureus does work well on though but I'm thinking about switching it now.

Hope this helps.
added by alexp2_ad on May 11, 2005
I love BitComet, it's been my favourite client for a while, I liked Azureus but couldn’t handle the huge resources it requires... BitComet is far better in that respect, and removes all the stuff I didn’t need.
added by spud on March 26, 2005
I used to be a big Azureus fan but then tried BitComet 0.57 and suddenly saw how it should all happen with the minimum of fuss and bother. Brilliant program
added by peteparis on March 25, 2005
excellent torrent client program with minimum fuss and small footprint. None of the exotic and resource grabbing features of Azureus or Shareaza either. Could be improved in terms of means of adding favourites (currently hand crafted) but browser provides excellent means of carrying out searches etc. Appears to be banned on some torrent sites, but unclear why!
added by OhMyGod on February 9, 2005
One of the best BitTorrent clients. Fast downloads and easy to use interface and easy setup. This program is totally spyware free and adware free. Although I do prefer BitLord over Bitomet because BitLord uses the same core and functions the same way but also has two intergrated BitTorrent searches built into the program.
added by alien x on January 15, 2005
Ok i have installed BitComet v.0.56 because many recommend it here.I downloaded it from
before i installed,i had read in users comment there that BitComet has spyware,so i scanned my computer first to make sure it is spyware free.after i have installed BitComet, i scanned again and for my surprise, i found 3 spyware:CoolWebSearch,StartPage and a browser hiJacker.
This the first bit torrent client that i come cross which has spyware. it is a shame.
Shouldn't we have a black list in slyck include all the spyware loaded clients to make sure no one be fooled like me.and it will be as warnning to those developer that if you include spyware or adware in your software it will loss its popularity.
any ideas?
added by vassalle on January 10, 2005
Loads of options but with a clean and simple interface. Very highly recomended.
added by rlove21 on October 10, 2004
My Torrent client of choice, after testing several others (BiTorrent / Shadows etc.) BitComet has a clean but friendly interface, stable (on Win XP Pro - SP2) and delivering decent download speeds (50-60 KB/s on a 600 Cable connection) - which is as good or better than most other clients I have tried.
added by liquidmonkey on September 12, 2004
I have tried 4 torrent clients and BitComet is a great balance between being user friendly, having pratical options and fast DL speeds.
added by poullos on September 6, 2004
Nice client and very light in resources. With more features can be one of the best.
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