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Current Version
Release Date
March 2, 2007
Bram Cohen
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 18
Networks Supported
The original client made by Bram Cohen Creator of the Network.
User Comments
added by ashwinnavin on March 24, 2006
stable and fast.. integrated search. nice
added by N on February 2, 2006
It has only a basic set of features, not fancy stuff found on other clients. But, it is the only client I've found that actually works well for OSX. Easy to use, nice interface, fast, doesn't crash. Azureus just doesn't work that well on OSX, at least for me--it's slow, it crashes, it is confusing. If anyone knows anything better than BitTorrent, do tell, cause I'd love to have the features that are commonplace for clients on other platforms. But for now, I'm sticking with BitTorrent. It may not have fancy features, but it Just Works.
added by Pelman on December 1, 2005
Takes little CPU. Never had problems with it. Little features but who needs a lot.
added by ZenMastaJ on November 30, 2005
*THE* client for Mac.
added by ROODOG on October 30, 2005
The only client i need.Takes up virtually no resources and you don't have to install Java rubbish just to use it.Easy to configure based on your connection.Unless you crave heaps of extras this has all i need: peers,file info,torrent making and a built in torrent search.I don't use the search much as i prefer pirate bay or torrentz etc.The first and the best for what i need.
added by boney2005 on March 22, 2005
Not recommended. It has few positive features and too many negative ones.

If you use the Java platform for anything else, then Azureus is recommended. Otherwise try BitStorm if you can find a working source. Both clients are better featured.
added by mshawn1981 on March 16, 2005
The app now has all the major functions that it should need.
added by rsrikanth05 on March 4, 2005
This is really lousy. I prefer ABC. It is one of the most advanced yet low CPU consuming and super-fast Bittorrent clients.
added by stoic on January 29, 2005
This is an excellent client. The mac version has had a great user interface since version 3.4 and with 3.9 and above it looks like the other platforms will too. It is also fast and has low cpu usage.
added by Everlast on December 14, 2004
Great Client, simple and basic; I dont like useless features so this for me is perfect. Great download speeds!
added by Made in England on September 6, 2004
I agree with poullos above,
This official client is not the best one to use.
Of the alternatives "Azureus" has the most features but consumes loads of cpu so i use "Bit Tornado"
I have found that just about any bit torrent client maxes out my download, so you cant go wrong with BT :-)
added by poullos on September 6, 2004
Bittorrent's classic client developed by the founder. A plug-and-play client that lacks even the basic features other clients have. My vote of 3 because of the fantastic protocol but no more than that. Use Azureus or Bittornado or ABC instead.
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