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Current Version
Release Date
July 17, 2006
Markus Kern
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 26
Networks Supported
KCeasy is a windows front end for the giFT filesharing system. Plugins allow giFT to support different kinds of filesharing networks.
User Comments
added by PrivateWiddle on March 18, 2007
Top notch, get the plugin for Ares as well. Runs on Gnutella and OpenFT out of the box. There is also a Fastrack plugin(if you really must), giving you a single client running on four networks, with the potential of cross seeding.

Clean, lean coding, no adware or nasties, allowing you to dump all your clients like Limewire and Ares in favour of a single, unified multi-network client.

I use this in combination with Emule (zzul modification) which gives access to ed2k and Kadmelia meaning I can access 6 networks with two clients.

The only thing this lacks is the 'what's new' Gnutella search (Cabos has that) but I don't mind as its novelty value wears off soon enough as you realise that most of it is rubbish)

Of course, there is is no accounting for taste, but I've used a few clients in my time and, for me, this is a well crafted, multi-network client. (Windows only)
added by bsabbath on August 20, 2006
Nice client, sometimes takes a while to connect, but once it does it works very well. 4/5
added by dimablack on May 29, 2006
I was very impressed. If anything it is very much worth a try.
added by Spyder810 on February 28, 2006
version 0.16 is amazing compared to earlier versions, now its at the top of my list next to my torrent client azureus
added by shooter on February 16, 2006
Got it. Installed it. Did not connect to Ares and OpenFT. Uninstalled it. For Gnutella I use Shareaza plus - it's the fastest.
added by ROODOG on November 21, 2005
It is the best client for mp3 files around.I also have put the fasttrack plugin on mine(gift-fasttrack-0.8.9.exe)I only download from fasttrack if i can't find a song on other networks as in my opinion why limit your choices.As if i do download a fake i just delete straight away so other users are not affected.I have uninstalled my kaazalite as i have no use for it now.Now if someone could make a bittorrent and emule plugin i would give it a 6 out of 5 lol.If all you want are mp3 files it is the best but for movies and games it needs the plugins.Plus kceasy is very stable so try it.
added by seanssd on October 25, 2005
Wow, I can't belong it took me so long to try KCeasy. It really is a great program, and it is now my favorite for connecting to both the gnutella and Ares networks. This does everything I used Gnucleus for (Limewire is MEGA slow on my machine), AND it connects to the Ares network well enough for me to dump another client. This is the best program I've found for downloading music. It may not do fasttrack anymore (thank God), and it may not have all the bells and whistles of bloatware like Limewire. It just freaking works.
added by jimmy90 on October 5, 2005
Clean application, well engineered
added by sarmin on August 19, 2005
its very good becouse it contains 3 very good p2p networks.
added by OhMyGod on June 30, 2005
This program has never got the respect from the file sharing community that it deserves. It is an excellent program with so much more pointential than most other file sharing programs. It has just a simple clean interface, excellent media player(VLC) intergrated, multinetwork or single network support you can choose the ones you want to use, very easy configuration, and great download speeds. The Open FT network has gotton much better with file selections and the downloads are faster than what they are on the other networks. I'm still waiting for someone to develope a BitTorrent plugin to make it complete.
added by Allied on March 30, 2005
Its Kazaa in 2002.
4million users, easy interface and some fake files.

I say some fake files because as opposed to the Kazaa of today, KCeasy's downloads complete with little to no fake files. With the power of Gnutella, Ares and the Kceasy's own network OpenFT, the fake files of FastTrack can be locked out completely. In the Search menu you can choose what network(s) you want to search.
Once the download starts, you'll be downloading from all networks. And as a bonus you can swarm between Ares and Gnutella.
Tho, its FastTrack support is far from perfect. You can't be a Supernode, so you're still relying on Kazaa/Imesh/Grokster users. By default KCeasy will not upload to FastTrack. In order to upload to FastTrack you have to edit the FastTrack config file located in the KCeasy directory. Even then, the gift-fasttrack plugin only shares 50 which are chosen randomly.
In short, KCeasy is a leech when the FastTrack plugin is installed.
Putting aside all the network hits and misses, it is a good program. Your downloads will finish.
I give it a 4. It looses 1 point due to lack of stability. If I could take away a half point, I would. Because I don't feel right about treating FastTrack so poorly.
added by xenof on March 3, 2005
they have to implement gnutella2 and edonkey2000, also they have to remove fastcrap plugin
added by tomy on March 3, 2005
It does swarm Ares and Gnutella.
added by Link500X on December 13, 2004
I rate this a 4. If it had support for OpenNap and eDonkey, then it would be a 5.
added by 666 on September 26, 2004
Fast and efficient program, nice clean interface, FastTrack available thru separate plugin.

But not the full 5 points.

-1 point 'cos the number of network plugins should improve
-1 point for not swarming the networks
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